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I will take reasonable steps to protect the data I hold and to ensure that it is processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Access to Information

I manage all the data and you have the right to access information I hold about you. Any concerns or requests about your data should be addressed to :



All material on the website has been freely submitted and permission given for it to be used on Jayne Pope’s website.

Reproduction of part or all of the contents of this website in any form is not permitted without the written consent of the owner of the individual material.

Ownership of material may be provided by contacting jayne@jaynepope.com


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Web Design

The web design including all icons, artwork, graphical images and unique coding are the copyright of or licensed to Jayne Pope and may not be reproduced without permission other than by printing for personal non-commercial use.

All commercial reproduction is strictly forbidden and Jayne Pope reserves the right to use legal process to preserve her copyright.


Should you have any concerns or queries in relation to our website, the content our policies outlined, please do not hesitate to contact Jayne Pope.

Content Disclaimer

This website is provided for information only and Jayne Pope does not accept any responsibility for inaccurate, missing or misleading information. Further, Jayne Pope does not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that may arise from the use of this website and its contents. It is your personal responsibility to verify the accuracy of any information before taking any action based upon it. All opinions or views expressed are those of Jayne Pope unless otherwise stated.

I may amend or alter the information in relation to services and products on the website, or remove the website, at any time without notice. Any modifications to the disclaimer and privacy policy made at my discretion shall be effective immediately upon being displayed on this website and your continued use of the website will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of the modifications.

Last updated : 24/07/2018